CueCam Presenter 2.0 is here!

With a redesigned editor, flexible slide layouts and new AI text and image generation features.

Teach, Inspire, Connect

Share your Desktop • Titles • Images • Videos • Audio • Eye Contact

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Build presentations for your webcam, not a projector.

It's like you're in the room, but better!

What does CueCam do?

CueCam lets you bring content into your video calls without asking to share your screen.

It does this by giving your Mac a new virtual camera and microphone that you can use for video calls.

You get a status bar menu to share any picture, video, app window or connected camera with a click.

CueCam gives you the power of advanced live video software like OBS without any complicated configuration.

It connects with companion apps on your Apple devices. Use your iPhone as a camera and teleprompter with Shoot. Pick up an iPad and draw on anything with Video Pencil - it just works!

Smart scripts let you plan and run webcam-ready presentations (with a teleprompter, slides, videos and more) so all you have to do is look into the camera and be yourself.

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How does CueCam save you time?

Zero configuration

CueCam gives you best practices for live video and audio without having to configure a thing.

Portable scripts

Documents can be shared, including videos, images and music. No more export/import steps, just send your script file.

No need to learn your lines

With CueCam's teleprompter you can always see what you need to say next, whether that's a specific sequence of facts, or the name of your client's dog.

Editless Video Production

When it's this easy to run through your presentations on-camera, you may never need to edit another video.

Unlock the potential of your Apple devices, old and new

CueCam Presenter comes with everything you need to transform your Mac, iPhone and iPad into a polished production studio, without the need for a fully-staffed control room.

With a Suite plan, best-in-class camera app Shoot and versatile telestrator app Video Pencil come fully unlocked and ready to go.

Revive your old devices: Shoot lets you use iPhones from 2015 or later as an extra camera.

CueCam Presenter Mac
  • Plan, structure and refine your message with smart cue cards
  • Add titles, graphics, video, share your screen, and more
  • Camera extension & virtual mic can be used everywhere
Shoot Pro Webcam iPhone/iPad
  • Look into your iPhone's camera
  • Mirror any window from your Mac
  • See your notes without losing eye-contact
Video Pencil iPad
  • Draw, point, zoom
  • See exactly what you're sharing
  • Remote control your Mac

How could you use it?


Here's an intro to genetics that I put together in ten minutes using Chat GPT to plan a talk and bringing in some random images and videos from the internet.

– Michael

Download Sample Project

Hardware Demos

CueCam makes multi-camera hardware demos (with multi-input audio) easy.

See how Shoot and Video Pencil make for a seamless multi-device presenting experience.

– Michael

Download Sample Project

Presenting Your Work

Here's an example of how you might present some architectural designs to a client for sign-off.

This was another quick ChatGPT script and I generated a couple of "blueprints" with Dall-E.

I downloaded a random stock video walkthrough and made that the first card.

I copy-pasted the images over to Video Pencil on my iPad to make it easier to zoom in and annotate.

I was able to see my presenter notes on the iPad screen, as well as being able to navigate through my script using Video Pencil's on-screen CueCam remote controls.

– Michael

Download Sample Project

Sports Coaching

I don't know anything about football but here's how you could use CueCam for sports coaching.

I started with a clip of the team's game "from earlier". You probably have footage on your iPhone. I AirDropped this clip to Video Pencil to have more control on the iPad

I set up a trigger in CueCam to load and unload the video on the iPad

The next card shared a browser window and opened a YouTube link. Notice that you can hear the sound from YouTube.

I asked ChatGPT for an "inspirational speech" and put it on the next card.

There's some inspirational backing music to take it to the next level.

Finally, I used Live Titles in Video Pencil to add "Winners" onto the screen at the end.

– Michael

Download Sample Project

Sales Calls and Software Demos

Here's a demo of how you could use CueCam on a sales call.

I'd made a note about a comment my client made on the last call in the CRM and put it into my teleprompter so I didn't really have to remember their child's name

I had some language in the teleprompter to make sure I didn't forget anything.

When they asked a question I was able to quickly grab a video demo and drop it into the stream (I had actually recorded this demo moments earlier, directly to a card without leaving CueCam, but you could imagine building up your own library!)

I was able to seamlessly switch to a real screen share.

I followed through my notes to the end of the call to make sure I didn't forget to make a follow-up call.

– Michael

Download Sample Project


"CueCam Presenter elevates my game across the board. For example:

My recorded videos require fewer edits. I plan and produce them as structured, multi-camera shoots. I use the AI script assist to improve the coverage I give to any topic. I use my iPhone’s selfie camera as a production monitor and teleprompter. I telestrate on the iPad and share documents without them getting in the way.

The CueCam system has revolutionized my online sessions. I now watch meetings on my iPhone camera screen, so people see my eyes looking directly at them when I am listening and whenever I present something. Showing my screen (even sharing YouTube videos with sound) requires no special permission or meeting status. As a result, meetings have become more dynamic, spontaneous and enjoyable.

I am saving hours of planning and production time. I generate clip art and video using whatever AI tool du jour strikes me at the time. Maps and real-time simulations share easily, and incorporating snippets from PowerPoint, dashboards, and relevant web pages makes meetings take on a more meaningful tone.

Finally, how I provide tech support with never be the same. I can walk step-by-step through any process, sharing as I go. I look forward to providing these same tools to colleagues so they can explain themselves more directly as well!"

John Duhring
Creator, Smell The Coffee

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